No School

All the schools were closed

except one

I was woken


by her singing

A little bird

in her room


This day, a gift

that we unwrapped together

our frenzied running to the car

to escape the lava

we made it, just

our car-ride a symphony

of awful singing


The grocery shop was open

for us alone

in earnest we looked

for the perfect orange

the lemoniest lemon

and eventually

we found them


Her laughing echoed

in the cavernous toy shop

With a little of her savings

she bought a notebook


to keep

her secret thoughts


Entering the cinema foyer

she tugged at my sleeve

I looked down

“What’s wrong?”

a teary smile

“Happy tears.”


We sat in darkness


not alone

the rustle of papers

the slurp of drinks

the light from her eyes


The journey home

my favourite part

She tells me that this

this day of small things

has been the best day of her life

I remind her of her birthdays

all six of them

I remind her of Christmas magic

of Easter eggs

of Pancake Tuesdays

her saucer sized eyes as our plane left the runway


She is still, she ponders

seconds tick by

she agrees

there have been better days

but they were not today



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