the wind came like a flood

our home creaked

in pained resistance

and we, together on the couch

trembling, smiling

in the stretched atmosphere


“Let’s go out Dad!”

                “It might be too dangerous.”

“It won’t!”

                “You might get blown away.”

“I won’t!  I am a big girl now.”


we stood in the warm winds

leaned into them

and felt unseen hands hold us

press our clothes against us


we looked up to see holes torn in the sky

layers of clouds moving in parallax

swirling greys and whites

and underneath it all…

“Let’s play tag!”

and between the winds

we were running


I could hear her laughter

cut through the howling

I could feel her gaining

catching me already

I struggled up another gear

and pulled away

for now, at least


lying on the trampoline

squeaking springs

groaning trees

dancing leaves

holding hands

“Can we play again Dad?”


for the first time

I say it

I am my father

I say it

in all this air

                “Just let me get my breath back.”



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