The Devil

It was an old-style fairground

function over flash

they were all there

the dodgems, the waltzer, the ghost train

there was a man in a top hat

standing underneath a sign that said, simply

‘The Devil’

he was calling out

with great gusto


“The devil is real!”

“See for yourself!”

“We have captured the devil!”

“Pay the price and spend five minutes in a room with the devil!”

“A being capable of unspeakable evil.”

“The ultimate manipulator.”

“Look into the eyes…of the devil!”

“Feel true fear as you understand, as you truly comprehend…”


there was one door in

and another door out

nervous, smiling faces entered

pale, expressionless faces emerged

and walked away in silence

what the hell…

I paid the fee and got in line


my turn came

I stepped inside

the room was small and very dark

I waited

heard the door lock behind me

thirty seconds passed

I wondered if it was a scam


the silence was broken by a loud electrical click

then sudden, blinding light

my eyes clamped shut

the light pressed against them

I opened them slowly

there was a mirror



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